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As tensions increase between the East and West, world leaders are reflecting on the cost of the last World War, both from the perspective of lives lost and also the tactics employed.

With oil supply restrictions seeming to be the catalyst for potential conflict, focus has turned to the Caucasus and Black Sea region, who will be the first to push for “Absolute Domination” and how will the other side react?

World War II saw the conception of the “BLITZKRIEG” or the “Lighting War” tactics, where air supremacy and close air support enabled fast moving armour and mechanised infantry formations to break through opponent’s line of defence by short, fast powerful attacks and dislocate the defenders, using speed and surprise to encircle them with the assistance of air superiority.

Through the employment of combined arms in manoeuvre warfare, blitzkrieg attempts to unbalance the enemy by making it difficult for it to respond to the continuously changing front; how will this shape the outcome of this scenario, using today’s aircraft, modern weapons and improved defensive systems it remains difficult to predict who will win or gain final control.

It may simply come down, as it did in August 1940 during the “Battle Britain” to the brilliance of the pilots to determine the final outcome.

As the political negotiations begin to collapse and neither side willing to compromise, it is only a matter of time before one side makes the first move for Absolute Domination of the region, but who will it be ………….. End.

So What is this !!!! 

Using Moose Frame, Mist, SSE and Spot blocker. We have managed to make this Dynamic mission possible, so huge credit to the makers of these tools 

Well this is a TEAM vs TEAM map, an all out war so to speak. 

Your task is to Take and hold the airbases on the map, 4 airbases will always remain locked to these coalitions:
Anapa (fixed Wing)
Novorossiysk (rotary Wing)

Tibilisi (fixed wing)

Batumi (rotary wing)

Once you Land on a neutral base, head to parking spot 1 and wait 45 seconds, a message will appear and the base will be yours.
Once this has been taken all the ground defences (random) will be spawned as well as the flyable units becoming active.

(as a note if you have taken the base from the opposite team their flyable units will be blocked)

So you have taken the base – now what ?
Here you have a couple of options – continue attacking or defend your new base.
If defending you may want to get the choppers to deliver more Air defences to make it harder for the enemy, and set up CAP with your fellow pilots.

Or If your eager to take another, head on out and take the world!!! the choice is yours !!

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