Welcome the the 59th Ravens recruitment page. 

Due to the fact you have landed on this page, probably means that you are thinking about joining a squadron and looking to fly online in the world of multiplayer with other like minded people.

At the 59th Ravens we are a friendly group who enjoy training and working together to bring the DCS experience to life. Becoming a member of our group brings a number of benefits than other groups:

  •  Tailored training programmes to support your module and flying development,

  • Individual and unique aircraft skins, mods and group competitions for all levels

So if your wanting to join a FUN group with soft structure and focus on enjoyment while learning then you have come to the right place.

The joining process is simple,

1, Come to our Discord channel and introduce yourself

2, Join our facebook group, Please answer the questions so we know a bit more about you. facebook is also used for all our event calenders and up to date info.

3, After a short period of active flying with the group and a short basic assesment flight, your be given a rank which will entitle you to further member benefits.

So who don't you begin your experience now by registering!





Here's what our latest members have to say:

" After flying for years on my own, i decided to try MP, The Ravens showed me no matter your experience anyone is welcome. This is a BRILLIANT group Thank you !! "

" What can i Say, i moved from a strict group to the Ravens, I love the easy approach, as well as the structured mission nights. Great Fun "

" I'm rather Shy. However i gave the Ravens a try and now im part of the Family, Cheers boys !! "

If you want to Join the Ravens Family, Come and join the FUN.

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