To be able to participate in our Squad you will need to be over the recommended age of 18 and have a current version of DCS World 2.5

Plus you will need to have a good stable internet connection and have Teamspeak 3 and Simple Radio installed and set up on your PC.


Respect everyone on teamspeak, Simple Radio, the website and the Facebook page. Remember your representing us so Treat others the way you want to be treated.

No Political, Religious or Racial Chat on teamspeak or our facebook page, 
Please respect other members values and Beliefs.

Please do not speak badly about other groups or tarnish our reputation in any way. Should problems arise online between individuals, the parties should first attempt to resolve any issues among themselves. If this should fail, then the parties should request the help of the Moderators to resolve the dispute, If the parties cannot agree a solution.

The moderators have the right to take action, including the removal of any person from the group. 

Age restriction, yes we prefer to have over 18's within the group due to Adult Humor, however anyone under the age of 18 will be on probation for 2 weeks of flight / interaction time to ensure maturity.

At any stage the Moderators have the right to remove anyone who is not Raven material. 


Simply come and join us on our website, its as simple as that, Here is the LINK


Membership is open for all individuals who fly with us on a regular basis  but only if they are not a member of another group. We have two branches of our group.

The main being the Europe group and the other being the American group. You must have a basic knowledge of DCS, we will provide training but a general grasp of DCS is important.

Once you join us you are considered a guest, Then we can start to progress you to the ranks below.



Lt Colonel 

1st Lieutenant
2nd Lieutenant


(Instructors are additions to the above, normally a senior member, We also have Mods and Admins for the group)


The 59th Ravens Virtual Flying Group structure is similar to that of many other multiplayer or coordinated online gaming groups. While it is possible to easily progress through the structure depending on your drive and commitment, the group values all of its members and their contribution at whatever level.

We also ensure members who simply wish to fly are welcome. If you dont want to conduct our training programs you can simply remain at the lowest rank and still have access to full membership.




Anything you want, we are not strict on this however some common sense will be needed here as a P-51 will not keep up with a SU-27. As a group we mainly Fly Jets, and Helicopters. we do host events for WW2 but this is not the main focus of our group. 


Callsigns. your callsign must be unique and not a copy of another members.

Should there be a problem with a person's callsign and that person is unable to find a suitable callsign, one may be assigned to him by the other members, A vote will be put up on Facebook to decide the callsign for you. If you do not have a call sign, ask one the Mods for some advice on creating a poll.


Every member must use Teamspeak 3 and have it installed onto your PC. If you sign onto a flight channel where guys are flying and you choose to remain on their channel to listen in, be quiet. It's perfectly ok to listen in to a flight, but don't start a conversation with a buddy who is trying to fly, unless they allow you to do so.

If pilots are in briefing, please wait until the briefing is over before asking if they have an extra spot for you. Do not interrupt the briefing. When flying, make sure you are in one of the Flying channels on our Teamspeak server.




All Guests are welcome to still frly with the Ravens and enjoy our server. However they will not be able to view info on our webste as this is for members only.


We run training every Tuesday for our members, altho others are free to join.


This group has been created to become a home for regular DCS pilots. We Admins do all the work so you can have fun, The only thing we ask is you take part. If you dont take part by flying with the Ravens we will suspend your account, We ask our members to fly. Considering this is a group dedicated to the FLIGHT of DCS WORLD, I dont think this should be an issue.


Please respect other players, We all want to have fun so play nice.
In regards to the AFK channel, if your going to be away for more than 3 hours please can you kindly pop out TS, We will remove you if you forgot to do so, * NOT A BAN, simply log you out our server to help save bandwidth :)



We have a great group here, and we want to keep offensive elements out. So please refrain from using Foul language, excessive complaints will result in users being Removed from our group.